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Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Our Norman company has always been thoroughly influenced by its environment, between the land and the sea,and its daring innovations have been the result of its long lasting experience in the world of cleaning and hygiene.

For more than ten years, we have enjoyed being regarded as the leader of the professional microfibre, and we have stimulated our projects within our human-sized structures, hence preserving our attachment to our values as well as our creative and independent spirit so as to satisfy our customers' expectations.

Our great development has been boosted thanks to a team of young and motivated managers who have been able to combine an unquestionable technical knowledge and a real taste for research.

We cultivate our identity by being out in the field so as to offer specific methodologies, then practicabilities according to the variety of our customers.

Today, we want more than offering the most successful products to the market; we want to become the indispensable partners within a genuine and enriched exchange. All our efforts are made to that effect.

A professional quality

Professional results are obtained thanks to our products in the capture of particles and biological contamination. They have proved to be fully satisfactory while used in places where high demand was required, like in hospitals or in pharmaceutical fields.

A long-lasting quality

Our goods were conceived so as to be light and sturdy. This way, they could contribute to substantial savings with reduced costs in maintenance as well as in chemical agents, and optimize staff's working conditions.

An innovative quality

Research and development are central issues in our everyday concern, and we have avant-gardist views in terms of creativity and patented products.

A taste for genuine human relations

Every single customer has a privileged relationship with us because his specificities make him unique and somewhat more closely related to us. Finding a suitable answer to his particular needs remains our priority and we have developed, for him and with him, various activities which have gone beyond the scope of simple trading agreement.

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