Concept Microfibre

Universe Tools

Réf. 0545

Sole designed for our 40cm frames, and to use our disposal mops. For a better comfort and a better efficiency. ...

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4.50 €

Réf. 0544

High density sole for our 55 cm frames to ease cleaning with our floor wipes. Allows a better slide even on uneven surfaces. ...

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6.50 €

Réf. 0495

Measuring graduated jug to ease impregnation of mops and wipes. ...

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20.00 €

Réf. 0357

Multidirectional tool, flexible, matching Micro-Flex covers or disposable covers, to easily clean and dust clean areas difficult to be reached. Easily connected to other Concept Microfibre poles or to...

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30.00 €

Réf. 0154

Light telescopic aluminium handle,particularly designed to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Rubber rotative globe on handle end to limit the wrist efforts as helping a better grip of the handle, ...

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8.50 €

Réf. 0786

This hight density  ergonomic handy pad, it easily cleans small surfaces effortless. Perfectly suitable to users hands, to work ergonomocally. Easy to fix the mini pad thanks to its velcro syt...

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