Concept Microfibre

Universe Pad

Réf. 0098

Newly designed mop offering three different systems in one lonely mop : velcro, pockets and flaps, on back of the mop for a perfect multipurpose use. Use dry or wet to dust efficiently or pre impregna...

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Réf. 0369

Similar to Micro-Gliss mop. Specially designed for health departments : weight of 55gr. Guarantee until 300 washing cycles. Use : wet or preimpregnated. ...

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Réf. 0543

To be used dry to dust any kind of floors thanks to electrostatics, or damp to wash thanks to capillary action. Deeply degrease surfaces and absorbs micro particles. Economical and efficient, guarante...

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Réf. 0052

Super absorbing disposal pad thanks to super absorbing polymers included, its system to gel liquids guarantees maximum efficiency to our pad and avoids crossed contamination. No contact between user, ...

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Réf. 0164

Double-sided floor cloth for dual-use : one side as scrubbing polyester to get stains off, one other side as microfiber to absorb and clean. Efficient and effective, this floor cloth is designed as 40...

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Réf. 0060

Short Use Washing Pad Special Velcro Pad for washing and desinfection for floors, walls and ceilings. High absorbancy with PET Microfiber stripes(light blue) and easy scrubbing with PET stripes(dark ...

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