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Welcome to Concept Microfibre

Our company, nestled between land and sea in the Normandy region in France, is nourished by its innovations and long-standing know-how experience in the fields of cleaning and hygiene.

Recognized for more than ten years as leaders in professional microfiber, we make sure our projects become reality within a dynamic people-friendly structure that retains its sense of values and creative independence in order to meet our customers’ expectations as closely as possible.

A young and motivated management team, that seamlessly brings together in-depth technical knowledge with a distinct taste for research, drives our controlled development.

We cultivate this taste for difference by our presence on the ground, offering our clients tangible ways and actions that we can carry out, while respecting the distinctiveness of each actor.
But offering the most efficient products is not enough for us; we want to be the key partners in a true partner exchange. All our efforts are geared in this direction.

Professional Quality

Our products guarantee professional results in the control and reduction of particulate and biological contamination. This can be seen applied in some of the most demanding and high standard practices such as in the hospital and pharmaceutical fields.

Sustainable Quality

Our products are designed for lightness and durability, as well as an intention to reduce costs, by saving on maintenance and chemical cleaning agent costs.

Innovating Quality

Research and development are at the heart of everything we do each day. We are innovators in creative and patented products.

Human Relations Quality

 Each customer is a privileged and unique player in our eyes. We know our customers individually in terms of their uniqueness and distinctiveness. Responding to our customers’ needs remains our priority as we develop solutions for and with our customers.