Concept Microfibre Usine 01

Original products

Our Chinese factory develops and manufactures innovative and high-end quality products, which are designed by our French team and comply with international standards.

A trained and qualified workforce

Our quality control enforcement, taken from European Quality Control standards, at each implementation stage ensures that we apply just as much of our technical know-how to our perfect fabric finishes as to our maintenance equipment.

Our fully-trained and qualified staff is fully committed to our corporate ethic that guarantees ultimate confidentiality and investment for all. Harmonious working conditions retain employees at all levels of the company, which helps to ensure a consistent level of production quality output.

Research, Development and Production

Our factory is equipped with its own injection molding machines in the plastics department and textile machines that meet the most technical needs. A state-of-the-art laboratory, an R&D office and a group of designers, equipped with the most advanced technologies, work with our French team on a daily basis , resulting in fast product development turnarounds.