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What is microfiber?

A microfiber is characterized by its size: a fiber whose title, or size, is less than 1 decitex is called “microfiber”.

A decitex is a unit of measurement totaling a weight of 10,000 meters of yarn. A fiber is considered a microfiber if its decitex is less than 1 gram. In other words, a yarn with a total length of 10,000 meters and a weight of less than 1 gram is a microfiber.

The lower the decitex, the finer and more effective the microfiber.

Why choose microfibers?

  • Microfiber textiles are uniquely long lasting and extremely resistant. As a result rapid waste is reduced, therefore minimizing the direct impact on the planet.
  • Microfibers are much lighter than other textiles and therefore require less detergent at laundry. This therefore reduces chemical discharges into the environment.
  • They dry much faster thanks to their unmatched open structure, significantly reducing energy consumption with each laundry drying cycle.
  • The textured fibers of microfibers do not need any additional fabric softener after a wash cycle. This therefore directly has an impact on the rate of additional chemical releases into the environment, which is more environmentally friendly.

How to maintain microfibers?


We would strongly recommend not to wash microfibers at more than 60°C, washing at 40°C is enough and advised to best keep the quality of the microfiber. Also make sure to wash with similar colors and do not use any softeners or bleach products.


It is recommended to dry microfibers using a tumble dryer so as to facilitate the opening of the fibers. This will increase microfiber absorption performance.