1685 Bandeau Lavage À L'eau UNIA Vert
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W’Mop Pad – Green

12,5x46cm - Ref : 1685

Short-term use pad designed to withstand 50 laundry cycles.

Ultra-lightweight to optimize the laundry impact of the volumes stored on the trolleys.
It cleans floors, walls and ceilings. Its grip is suited to all floor types.
Does not leave streaks. Efficient when used with clear water.

Tests conducted by an independent laboratory as per the methodology inspired by EN 16615 : 2015, reduction of 4 to 5 logs on microorganisms for 4 strains : Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae, Candida albicans. Pay attention : the results of this test must be compared to tests performed under conditions similar to those used by Concept Manufacturing: 2 sweeping actions, 4 strains tested, as stipulated by standard NF EN 16615:2015, wiping movement simulating the average pressure exerted in practice: to do this, the pad is placed on a unit mass weighing 2.3 kg.




For which sectors?

  • Community
  • Health
  • Hotel & restaurant
  • Industrial

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